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    Finals championship of the Dnepropetrovsk region Checkers men

(06 – 22.04.2012, Dnepropetrovsk)


    By decision of the Presidium of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Federation of Draughts Championships 2012 Russian drafts of men carried on the new formula. The novelty lies in the application selection phase - semi-finals. The main purpose of this innovation is to increase the attractiveness of the regional championship. To achieve this, the final tournament of the championship has a number of advantageous features previously not available. Among these features considerable prize fund, which is the field for the championship for the first time in history. And most importantly, the possibility of establishing in the tournament rate master of sports of Ukraine. It is the ability to perform all the necessary requirements for sports classification performance of the standard and became the determining factor in the adoption of such a system.

    The list of participants has been formed taking into account the conditions for the establishment of norms master of sports on the following principle. Automatically admitted to the final winners of the championship in 2011, four Master of Sports in the rating, the two best athletes’ semifinalists and one athlete sponsoring organization. Over time, followed by a rejection of one of the automatically included in the final of the players. By decision of the Presidium of the Federation of eligibility granted another party the semi-finals.